Blaster ™ Air Cannons

Blaster ™ is an action-packed, 5 or 10-minute air cannon game where 2 teams of up to 4 people* on each side try to score points by shooting foam balls into target nets while being “blasted” by their opponents!

5-Minute Game$2.00 per person
5-Minute Game – 5+ Players$10.00
10-Minute Game$4.00 per person
10-Minute Game – 5+ Players$20.00
Fun Pass – Round of mini golf, game of Blaster ™, and game of Jumpshot ™.$15.00 per person
Fun Pass – Round of mini golf, 1 hour of VR, game of Blaster ™, and game of Jumpshot ™.$22.00 per person

*We recommend that players be at least 4 years old or older.