Putters Wild Games

Mini Golf

We are Anchorage’s ONLY indoor 3D black light mini golf course, welcoming players of all ages to enjoy 18 challenging holes on our ocean-themed, neon golfing experience, aided by 3D glasses! Learn more.

Virtual Reality ( VR )

You have heard of virtual reality and now you can experience it in one of our three booths. Choose from our suite of popular virtual reality ( VR ) games and be immersed in a new reality. Learn more.

Blaster ™ Air Cannons

Blaster ™ is an action-packed, 5 or 10-minute air cannon game where 2 teams of up to 4 people on each side try to score points by shooting foam balls into target nets while being “blasted” by their opponents! Learn more.

Jumpshot ™ Trampoline Basketball

Jumpshot™ is the ultimate, 4-minute trampoline basketball game that allows you to soar above the rim like the pros. Players shoot the ball into the opponent’s hoop and score points while sharing the same trampoline! Learn more.

We also offer classic, coin-operated arcade games!