What is “Blaster”?

I want to address a question we get all the time: What is “Blaster”? 

Let me start by saying, as the owner of Putters Wild, I am proud to be the first to introduce this award-winning game to Alaska!

 Cannonball Air Blaster™ is an action-packed sport that challenges participants to score as many points as possible by shooting foam balls into their opponent’s net targets.  However, to be perfectly honest, the most popular approach is to just “blast” each other.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt—they’re foam balls!

These air cannons can shoot up to 20 feet away and the reverse vacuum technology provides constant airflow, allowing cannons to immediately fire ammo when loaded—yes, that means rapid fire is entirely possible.

Putters Wild opened in 2011 and during that time “Blaster” has quickly become a customer favorite.  Our “Blaster” room features eight cannons with maximum capacity being eight players; however, it’s possible to play with as few as two. Each session lasts 10 minutes and while that might not seem like much time, trust me—it is!  Players leave the “Blaster” room sweaty and tired after every run.  And there is no age limit, as long as you can hold a ball and wear safety goggles you can play!  We’ve had players as young as 2 and as old as 95—it’s easy simple fun for everyone!

Cannonball Air Blaster™ was awarded “Best New Product” by IAAPA in 2010.  We are thrilled to have this exciting game and invite you to visit Putters Wild to experience it for yourself.  Come on, come have a BLAST!

**Just a side note, it’s not “Master Blaster”—that’s H2Oasis! 

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