Mini Golf League!

Mini Golf League 2012


The Lowdown


League night at Putters Wild will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month, Jan 8th-May 14

Each month, for 5 months, league players/teams will play one round of mini golf.  Scores will accumulate each month.  The player/team with lowest score at the end of the season is the winner—cheesy prizes and bragging rights!


League Cost


$35/single or $60/2-person team

Price includes—

Five 18-hole round mini golf games (once a month/5 months)

Pizza party on Thursday, May 16

Prizes for overall low score, highest score, most improved, and most hole-in-one’s

Engraved nameplate for league winner(s) to be displayed on plaque at Putters Wild




Players will be required to use the putters and balls provided by Putters Wild.  3D glasses will not be issued and are not recommended for league play. 


By participating, you agree to abide by the general sportsmanship rules that are posted on the walls at Putters Wild.  Anyone needing clarification of any rule should ask before their round begins.


Scorecards will be turned in at the end of each game and kept at Putters Wild.  Team standings will be posted at the front counter the following day.


If a player misses or fails to complete a round, then his/her score for that round will be 3 strokes over the highest score recorded for that round.


If a player/team member can’t make a month’s game, a sub will be allowed.


There is no way to insure 100% the honesty and integrity of each player/team, it is expected that your scores are kept true.  In the event any player/team member is caught cheating by another player/team member, that person/team will be immediately disqualified from the league with NO REFUNDS.


Putters Wild reserves the right to change or amend any of the rules stated above at any given time if it is seen that conflicts on the course arise as a result.


In the event a league member wishes to play a “practice” round between the monthly league games, they may do so for a reduced rate of $8 for 18-holes until May 14, 2012.


If a player/team misses their game for 2 or more months, they will be given a DNF for that season and will not receive credit for “last place”.


In the event that there is a tie at the end of the season, the tiebreaker will be the lowest score on month 5.  If there is still a tie, then the lowest score on month 4.  If there is still a tie, then the lowest on month 3, and so on.  If there is still a tie after week 1, there will be sudden death using hole #9 on the Pacific course until there is no longer a tie.


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Entrance fee must be paid by Tuesday, Jan. 8th

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