Get Wild

Putters Wild offers a break from life’s everyday routine; the opportunity to play among sharks, pummel your companions and jump higher than humanly possible. Sure, we may be a little hard to find, but we promise, we’re worth it! “We

What is “Blaster”?

I want to address a question we get all the time: What is “Blaster”?  Let me start by saying, as the owner of Putters Wild, I am proud to be the first to introduce this award-winning game to Alaska!  Cannonball

Mischief Spinners At Putters Wild

  We’ve added several Mischief Spinners to both Pacific and Polar courses.  Each spinner features clever challenges that can really shake up a player’s turn!    (If you’re not seeing the cool photo–click the title)

We have “Tundra”

Tundra features the art and humor of Alaskan Chad Carpenter.  This thriving comic strip is one of the fastest growing on the planet, currently runs in approximately 500 newspapers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe (even Jamaica & Trinidad)–and now we have it

Mini Golf League!

Mini Golf League 2012   The Lowdown   League night at Putters Wild will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month, Jan 8th-May 14 Each month, for 5 months, league players/teams will play one round of mini golf.  Scores will

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