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Get Wild

Putters Wild offers a break from life’s everyday routine; the opportunity to play among sharks, pummel your companions and jump higher than humanly possible. Sure, we may be a little hard to find, but we promise, we’re worth it! “We

Mini Golf

Putters Wild Miniature-Golf

Putters Wild, Anchorage’s premier indoor blacklight 3D miniature golf course, welcomes players young and old with 18-holes of challenging fun.  This innovative putt-putt course is designed to entertain golfers as they explore the ocean like never before.  With beautiful murals


Blaster at Putters Wild

Blaster™ is an action-packed air cannon game where 2 teams, of up to 4 people on each side, try to score points by shooting foam balls into target nets while being “blasted” by their opponents. Putters Wild is proud to



Jumpshot™ is the ultimate basketball trampoline game that allows you to soar above the rim like the pros. The goal of Jumpshot™ is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s hoop and score points. Challenge is added by the shared

Bottom Squiggles
Footer Squiggles